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CELEBRATING 26 YEARS as a Notary Public, Wedding Officiant and Decorator (interior and events).

I am very happy and pleased with everything that I've learned along the way ~ giving all THANKS to all of you who have helped me to face challenges I never thought I would or could. I have learned many different aspects of Notary Public services as well as Weddings and I remain faithfully in LOVE with this career.

I have traveled to so many different places within the state of Florida and have seen gorgeous backdrops, gardens and landscapes. I've eaten spectacular cuisines and have met so many profoundly beautiful people. Of course, not everyone always comes to me, as a Notary, in the greatest of moods. It all depends on the nature of their visit. Nonetheless, they are always valued in my eyes and I always put forth efforts to make their visit a visit to remember by flipping negative to positive in a way that they can embrace the message and when they leave they leave with a renewed warm feeling all around and most of the time a pretty smile.

For these reasons I feel very fulfilled in that I am doing what I love and I've gotten really good at it! I feel I can offer reliable and experienced services now more than ever and I welcome you.

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